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A biweekly series where we focus on short works by fresh voices in experimental moving images. Sign up for our mailing list via our contact page to get email updates about new films as we post them.


"Insects"  from Sannety on Vimeo.


This week, we are featuring "Insects" a six minute video piece made by artist Sannety. 

From Sannety regarding this video:
"It's best to use headphones or decent speakers to listen, laptop speakers don't play the low frequencies."


(1978-2020) was a Dutch-Indonesian electronic musician. She focused on exploring various rhythms and designed her own instrument to “break with grids and bend time to create a palette of polyrhythmic patterns”. With Trevor Dunn, she is one half of Spermchurch, an international poly-electro and pan-genre duo consisting of Dunn (electric bass) and Sannety (electronics). Their record, "merdeka atau mati" will be out September 3 from Riverworm Records.

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