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Millennium Film Workshop has been making access to the tools of filmmaking easy and affordable since the late 1960s. To make inquiries about renting space or equipment from Millennium, please send emails to

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Our new space at 167 Wilson Avenue in Brooklyn 

is available for rent by the hour. If you are in need of a space for a private screening, lecture, presentation or meeting, or need a small auditorium for a rehearsal or performance, don't hesitate to reach out! The space is also available as a small studio for photoshoots and a gathering space for trade-table shows. Please email with inquiries!


We remain dedicated to our mission to put the tools of filmmaking in the hands of artists at minimal cost. We have equipment from 8mm cameras and editing gear to various analog video cameras and digital gear, along with monitors, sound and lighting equipment and other necessary tools of the art all available at very low prices. Please email or stop by our Workshop at 167 Wilson Avenue in Brooklyn to make inquiries!

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