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Our Mission:

To offer the non-commercial film artist – of whatever experience or proven degree of proficiency, and without interference in either film subject or style – the use without cost, or at minimal cost, of the tools of filmmaking, instruction in filmmaking, and a means of contacting others of like creative interest.



The Millennium Film Workshop was founded in 1966 by a group of filmmakers with a vision to expand accessibility to the tools, ideas, and networks of filmmaking beyond the confines of institutions and corporate studios. Millennium has put on countless educational workshops, artist-hosted screenings, printed our renowned publication The Millennium Film Journal, served as a production hub kickstarting the careers of many prominent filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage, Todd Haynes, Yvonne Rainer, Carolee Schneeman, Michael Snow, Bruce Connor, Nick Zedd, Andy Warhol and Bruce Connor  and has played a large role in dismantling the monetary and educational barriers separating the art and craft of filmmaking from the general public.




Writing in the New York Times, art critic Amy Taubin noted on the Millennium Film Workshop’s legacy “it is in the hundreds of films and videos that were made thanks to cheap access to Millennium’s equipment, and in the thousands of viewers who were inspired by nearly 40 years of experimental movie screenings.”

In connection with Millennium Film Workshop’s historical archive acquisition, MOMA Chief Film Curator, Rajendra Roy, stated that “Millennium has been central to the film culture of New York since the nineteen-sixties, and so important to those of us who have benefited from its programs.”

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